Introducing the “People’s Bet”

As all of Australia (and most of the world) is aware, the country down under is experiencing one of the worst ongoing bushfire periods ever recorded. With dozens of lives lost, and thousands of buildings destroyed, there is a sense of helplessness in all of us. Not one individual person can prevent or solve all of the problems related to the bushfires, but together we can most certainly try to help others who need it. And guys, every bit of help helps…

We need to pull together to donate to: volunteers, people who have lost just about everything, and anyone in between who have been heavily impacted by the fires.

As a few of you know: The Trend Bettor is committed to trying to help punters win a few bets, and ultimately win some people at the bookmakers’ expense… all done in a responsible manner of course; but this is far more important than that.

What we have proposed to multiple bookmakers is, “The People’s Bet”. The guidelines are as followed:

  • @TheTrendBettor will ask people on Twitter what their favourite bet in the upcoming days are:

  • It is your job to reply with your favourite bet. It can be a multi, it can be a single, it can be $1.01, or it can be $101. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you love it, you post it.

  • The tweet/replies with the top 4 “likes/retweets” will enter the final 4.

  • We will post these final 4, and cast a vote on Twitter.

  • The bet with the most votes will be the “People’s Bet”.

This will run twice a week until the Super Bowl (Monday the 3rd of February, 2020 (AEDT)), and all of the winnings will be donated directly to bushfire related appeals.

As mentioned, we went to multiple bookmakers with this proposal to see if they could help. Some bookmakers simply ignored us, some acknowledged but said it would be too difficult to do, and one bookmaker got back to us within 48 hours and said “no problem, we would love to help”. It shouldn’t take you too many guesses as to which Australian bookmaker that would be… TopSport.

How TopSport have decided to help is by offering 2 x $25 Bonus Bets per week until the Super Bowl in order to help with this initiative… so to TopSport, thank you!

And to you guys… get replying, get voting! Every dollar profited from “The People’s Bet” will be donated!


The Trend Bettor