Everything You Need to Know About The Trend Bettor's 'Capping Comp


In case you hadn’t heard, the Trend Bettor’s ‘Capping Competition for the 2019 Season is officially open! This is your opportunity for you to join a fun and interactive competition to find the best AFL handicapper and to take home a boat load of cash… and bragging rights!

This competition is just like tipping but with a twist; where instead of picking 9 winners a week, you choose your 3 favourite lines/spreads each week, as well as your 5 “sure picks” (which are worth 2 points) for the season.

What you can win?

Do you like cash!? Because that’s what’s on offer! 75% of the cash pool will go to the 1st placed winner, while 2nd and 3rd also don’t walk away empty handed. To put it simply, the more people that enter this competition, the more money you have an opportunity of winning! So tell your friends and get the involved too.

How much is it to enter?

Just $100. Not only does $100 give you the chance to win big cash, but it also gives you other benefits such as information as to what other punters are picking, a frequently updated leader board of your and everyone else’s picks, and a little bit of friendly competition and banter among other entrants.

How do I submit my picks?

Each entrant will get an email which includes a survey to complete, on Thursday Nights.

Each entrant must submit their survey before 12:00pm each Saturday Afternoon, or before 7:30pm on Fridays if the Friday game is involved.

For games played before Friday (e.g. Thursday Night, ANZAC Day, etc.), An official competition line will be both tweeted and emailed to each entrant for the Thursday game. If an entrant wants to make a pick for these said games, they must contact The Trend Bettor either via email or Twitter with their pick, and then the Entrant MUST only submit 2 picks in their “survey”.


Q: Are game totals involved, or strictly lines/spreads?

A: Strictly lines/spreads.

Q: Will the leader board be easily accessible to us?

A: Of course, not only will a leader board be available and updated weekly, but everyone’s picks will become accessible and transparent on the Saturday or Sunday.

Q: Is The Trend Bettor competing?

A: The Trend Bettor will be participating in this competition, but will not be considered an entrant with a chance of winning. Competing as a genuine entrant would be a clear conflict of interest.

Q: Is this competition legitimate?

A: The Trend Bettor Pty Ltd is a legitimate and registered business in Australia (ABN: 31 630 158 477) so you should expect this competition (and other The Trend Bettor products) to be legitimate.

Q: Can we read the terms and conditions?

A: As The Trend Bettor is registered business handling potentially thousands of dollars for several months, both The Trend Bettor and entrants have to be legally protected from any foul play. The terms and conditions of the competition are easily accessible at the bottom of https://www.thetrendbettor.com/contact

Good luck!