Dear Punters...

Dear punters,

Almost two years ago, we started a twitter handle - @TheTrendBettor – that provides the public with recommended bets backed up by sports betting statistics, trends, and analysis that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Why did we start? The Trend Bettor started because I discovered that I was having far more success in sports betting when using historic data and trends to rationalise a bet than simply thinking that a bet “should win”. I started by creating an AFL database full of historic gambling data, and I wanted to share the discovered trends with others.

The twitter page has been a success both “on” and “off” the field. Mainly due to the popularity and apparent strengths of the trends, we have expanded into other sports such as NFL and NRL with similar success to what we have had in AFL. The more success we have, the more we will continue to expand!

Since February 2017, we have grown from just a student-made AFL Database to a Twitter handle that covers 3 sports, in just a short time. Forming a website is just another stepping stone on the road to something that has no end in sight.

The special thing that separates The Trend Bettor from most sports betting platforms is that we won’t only tell you what we believe will win, but we’ll also reveal why. To us, the “why” is just as, if not more important than the “what”, as we believe in long-term processes over short-term results. Our “whys” are backed up with years of betting trends that will ultimately give you a historic betting form guide. Form guide’s have always been easily accessible in Horse Racing, so why aren’t they openly accessible for sports? Well, now they are!

We may be the ones who are responsible for content that has helps punters become better bettors, but the success cannot be claimed without mentioning the people that genuinely allow this business to grow – the followers. Without the constant engagement and growth of followers, none of this is possible. Everyone who has either followed, liked, retweeted, personally messaged me (good or bad), or have told their friends, thank YOU!


The Trend Bettor