2018 in Review:

What a year we’ve had at The Trend Bettor! In 2018, we won more people more money across more sports and we couldn’t be happier about it. We started the year with 362 Twitter followers and we almost tripled over the last 12 months, ending with over 1000. We also improved from our 2017 tally of 46 units profited, with over 100 units profited in the 2018 AFL, NFL, and NRL Seasons!


2018 was a great year in terms of sports betting results as we profited in all of the three sports that we covered. If you followed every bet that we recommended with a $50/unit stake, you would have pocketed $5,122 with a 16.03% return on investment (ROI%). What does that mean? That means for every $1 you bet, you profited over 16 cents in return!

Below is a table and a chart illustrating how we went over our three sports:

Not only is it important to understand what to bet on, but the question, "how much?", is just as important.

We believe that we find (expected) value in all of the bets that we recommended - which is obvious, otherwise we wouldn't suggest them, right? - but some bets have more value in them than others, so we adjust how much we're willing to risk accordingly.

To put it simply: the more expected value, the more we stake, so it's great to see that our maximum 3-unit bets went 12-4 (75%), +20.76 units, with a return on investment far greater than the rest of our recommended stakes, at 43.25% ROI (See table below).

Bet Types

The great thing about sports gambling is that we (punters) are rarely deprived of choice when it comes to what type of market you can bet on, and in 2018, we took full advantage by betting on 22 different type of markets, ranging from head to head, line/spread, game totals, player props, half time markets, and anything in between. Due to the fact that we document every bet that we place very rigorously, we can pin-point where we do well, and also areas where we need to improve.

Best Bet Types

The market that we undoubtedly did better in than any other was the game total, over/under markets across the 3 sports.

Across AFL, NRL, and NFL, we went 60-30 (66.67%), +47.58 Units (35.91% ROI) purely on game totals bets, meaning that almost half of our profits game from this one market exclusively. It is important to notes that 67 of our 90 were on the "Under" opposed to the "Over".

Since we have identified this area as our strongest, we may look to increase our stakes when betting on this market in the future.

Needs Improvement

Focussing on downfalls is just as (if not more) important as focussing on your success, because it gives you the opportunity to learn and improve. Betting on lines/spreads is one area that we have identified as an opportunity for improvement. In 2018, we went 40-46-1, -9.01 units with a -7.11% ROI%. Our biggest downfall when it comes to line/spread betting is betting the favourites against the spread/line (ATS), going 22-36-1, -20.27 units, whereas we went 18-10, +11.26 units when backing the underdog + points.

We will use this as an important takeaway when betting against the spread in 2019.


I would like to personally thank every single one of you who has followed us, liked/retweeted our tweets, tweeted us, told your friends, or sent us a DM - we love interacting with our followers and we welcome every little bit of it.

Thanks to the organic growth of The Trend Bettor, I have committed to continuously grow the brand by expanding into other sports – now covering AFL, NRL, and NFL – and now we have a website to use as our main platform for our content! The more success we have, the more The Trend Bettor will grow. The more The Trend Bettor grows, the more success we will have. It's a cycle that I am committed to strengthen over time.

Here's to a profitable 2019!


The Trend Bettor